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Migration license for new install !!

Question asked by hythamhadad on Aug 25, 2014
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I have cucm cluster of 7.1.5

And we have this license migration PN MIGB-UCM-UWL-STD


It is migration from basic ucm user to STD. Assume it is for 500 users



I don't have PCD also I don't need to keep any current cucm configuration


So the question is: Can I have a new installation license file from the licensing team for the 500 CUWL users ? it will let me only install 10.5 then  license it with the 500 users instead of installing 7.1.5 on UCS then to upgrade then to use ELM to get the migration license



Also is there any thing important to be kept for me to go with the upgrade

Or it'll result the same license for 500 users as the new install ?