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Accessing Path History and Dwell Time?

Question asked by jamesfrostmubaloo1 on Aug 21, 2014
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We've been asked if it's possible to produce a 'report' on the following two pieces of data, but I cannot see anything in the MSE API that would allow us to access this specific information:

1. Location History Paths (where did this device move in the last day?)

I can't see a specific way to get historical path info like this out of the API. There's a method to get historical location data, but I think it's just a list of previous locations.

2. Dwell time per zone

Could we get a list of all zones for a map, and then look at historical data, and work out which zone each coordinate is in?

Any advice on how to access data to be able to produce these reports would be greatly appreciated.


James Frost