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Prime Collaboration Provisioning 10.5

Question asked by timhughsmith on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by timhughsmith

Hi guys,


This thread caught my attention recently.

Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning Advanced 10 bugs/issues


I'm currently trying to set up Prime Collaboration Provisioning - all version 10.5 products (PCP, CUCM, CUCXN, IMP)


It would be great to get some information on "best practice" or suggested type practice.


A couple of the things I am struggling with


- Combinations of services and service bundles to make things as simple as possible for an admin - i.e. I want an EM profile, EM line, Jabber softphone, Jabber IMP services set and voicemail box. Can I do this with the admin only having to order 1 x service?


- LDAP / Domain syncs - typical CUCM deployment is LDAP integrated for sync and authentication. I find the LDAP and Domain sync settings confusing as they seem to overlap


- Details on setting up Auto Provisioning with LDAP integrated CUCM - documentation says this only works with users added to prime or synced from LDAP and it says to avoid domain sync.