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CUCM 9.1 and VCS Expressway 8.2

Question asked by vipersl65 on Aug 19, 2014

Has anyone make this combination work?  This is NOT the Collaboration Expressway Edge or Core.


CUCM 10.5 .  I do have VCS Control.  All endpoints, Phones and Video endpoints(SX,MX) are registered to the CUCM.  VoIP calls work 100%.  SX or MX can call any PSTN or VoIP phone internal and external


Issue is they cannot do SIP URI dialing.  I cant find any doc that shows the CUCM and legacy VCS Expressway together.  All I can see is CUCM and VCS Control with a SIP trunk and then the VCS Control has a Traversal zone to the VCS Expressway.


I am pretty sure this should work but every time I dial out SIP URI, it disconnects


Thanks in advance