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Routing Backup Replication Traffic over Backup WAN Link

Question asked by vssp on Jul 31, 2014

We have two geographically dispersed data centers.  In each data center we have a router with two interfaces connected to two different ISP WAN providers.  The primary provider is using BGP.  The backup provider is a Layer2 broadcast domain, we assign the IPs on our interfaces, and it is using EIGRP.


Our goal is to send replication/backup traffic from very specific servers across the backup provider to reduce load on the primary.


We thought Policy Based Routing was the best idea at first, until we were told that we needed to be using the IPSERVICES IOS and we currently use IPBASE.  So we have a couple questions we are researching, I thought I'd post to the community as well.


  1. If we had to do Static routing, we could do this on both ends and then a second static route with a higher admin distance so the primary link is used in case the backup link fails, I believe.  Our issue with this is that we can't define a static route from a specific host to a specific host.
    1. Can we do something similar to policy based routing with static routes, whereas we use an ACL to define the host to host communication is all that goes on that static route?
  2. Any other ideas to accomplish this?