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Slow file transfer when PC is connected through the VoIP phone

Question asked by allan.choo on Jul 30, 2014
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I am having this issue with slow throughput when the device is connected to the port on VoIP phone.  Here is my current setup:


* CM v8.6.2.20000-2

* Cisco 7942 phones

* 2960G POE switches


Normally, with the server connected to the same switch, I would expect a decent file transfer rate. So lets say 60MB/s or something like that.



But when the PC is connected to the phone, my throughput is reduced dramatically, down to 2 to 5MB/s



Now isn't the phone acting like a trunk port? even though the port on the phone is only 10/100MB my transfer rate should be a lot better. Could it be configuration issue within the switch for QOS?