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Serial resync-disable - Hidden ios feature

Question asked by morgan.brownlie on Jul 29, 2014



Has anyone in Cisco land came across this scenario :-


Hardware Cisco 3925 Running 15.2.(2)T1 - Serial Interface connected into MPLS cloud via Frame Relay, however we have a strange issue whereby if you unplug the serial cable from the interface as expected the interface goes up/down, when you re-connected the cable it stays up/down until you either power cycle the box or perform a reload.


No known IOS bugs (that I could find)


All hardware and cabling has already been replaced + the circuit provider has replaced their NTE which connects to our interface (other end of the serial cable).


We engaged Cisco who gave us this information to try :-


Configure the below under the serial interface:-


configure terminal

service internal

Interface serial x

serial resync-disable <-------This is the command


Any ideas what this actually does, it seems to be a hidden ios command, were still awaiting clarification from Cisco as to what it actually does.


Anyone seen this before or have any comments, any help is appreciated on both the scenario above + the use of this command.