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How to set up notification with authentication

Question asked by tyler.gatewood on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by gcheria

My notification receiver requires authentication but I don't see any where I can add a username and password


For example,

              {  "NotificationSubscription": {  "name": "presence-event-trigger",  "notificationType": "EVENT_DRIVEN",  "dataFormat": "JSON",  "NotificationReceiverInfo": {  "transport": {  "type" : "TransportHttp",  "hostAddress": "",  "port": "5555"  }  },  "subscribedEvents" : [  {  "type" : "PresenceEventTrigger",  "existingPresence" : "true",  "eventEntity": "WIRELESS_CLIENTS"  }  ]  }  }


I have not seen anywhere in the object schema to create a URL like


does anyone have an example of a working configuration with authentication?