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How Finesse handles outbound call from Cisco Outbound Option (Dialer)?

Question asked by rkhoorkhoo on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by dlender

Hello all,


COO dialer supports predictive, progressive and preview dialing. In predictive dialing, COO will place calls ahead of time.  When a call is answered,  seemly by a person, dialer will 'give' the call to an outbound agent in Finesse.


I assume Cisco dialer (COO or via IVR) doe snot support nailed-up mode ( where outbound agent are involved in a single very-long call during their outbound campaign.)


My questions:


1. When Finesse agent received a connected call from the predictive dialer, does it appeared as an inbound queue call?


2. Are there any Cisco dialer deployment caveat that should be watched when Finesse is used to handle connected calls.