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customer's support on Finesse customization

Question asked by eliptsin on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by dlender

My customer is working on finesse 10 gadget to prevent outbound dialing if agent doesn't provide required info to call var.

He has some questions on how to interact with CallControl.jsp default phone pad.

What is best way to get help from the dev team ?

Details below


1     Is there any way to interact directly with the CallControl.jsp default phone pad? To grey it out for example until the variable is selected?

2    Here are the steps that an agent would currently take if they had to make a consult call while the customer is on the line.

1. Agent puts customer on hold.

2. Agent makes consult call.

3. Agent needs to make another call.

4. Agent goes back to customer (and explains they need to make another call, or gives them broken air between hold music), and then puts them back on hold.

5. Agent makes another call.

We want to remove step 4, so the agent doesn't need to go back to the customer. Within the default call control we have to go back to the customer before making another consult call which decreases the call quality a bit. In the gadget we can force a call without having to go back to the customer, but with the default CallControl.jsp we have to go back to the customer.