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Finesse 10 requestAction ANSWER fails

Question asked by atanasmatev on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by dlender


We are using Finesse 10 and we are developing a gadget where one of the options will be to answer the call (should be quite straight forward). However we faced a very strange problem when we execute the requestAction() function. Here is the code that fails:


currentDialog.requestAction(user.getExtension(), finesse.restservices.Dialog.Actions.ANSWER, {

success: function(oResponse) {


  console.log("Success Status :: " + oResponse.status);

console.log("Success Content" + oResponse.content);


error: function(oErrorResponse) {


  console.log("on Error Status" + oErrorResponse.status);

  console.log("Error content" + oErrorResponse.content);

  console.log("Error Type" + oErrorResponse.error.errorType);

  console.log("Error Message" + oErrorResponse.error.errorMessage);




The function finishes at the error branch with error code 401:

HTTP Status 401 - Status report

message: description: This request requires HTTP authentication ().


The agent is logged in in Finesse and I can't understand what would cause this behaviour?


Any thoughts are welcome.