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UCCE Finesse 10.0 - 3rdpartygadget Error 404

Question asked by daniel1435 on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by lespinsci

Hi D.Lender / All,


In Finesse 10.0 (UCCE), i have configured a Screenpop xml under 3rdpartygadget. But when rendering it shows HTTP error 404. When I checked the 3rdpartygadget/files, gadget xml is available on Finesse server.



URL Configured in cfadmin is as follows,










Below screen shows that screenpop gadget that has been hosted under 3rdpartygadget.



But still shows 404 rendering issue in Finesse10(UCCE).


Note: I have working knowledge on Finesse 9 and Finesse 10 (UCCX) prior to this Finesse(10) UCCE.


Let me know, if there are any configuration to make it works.



DanielInbaraj J.