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Emergency Notification Capabilities

Question asked by brentb123 on Aug 14, 2009
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I am writing a report for a university that currently has a Cisco IP telephone system which covers several campus locations in different cities.


They are looking at implimentation of an Emergency Notification System... software that will run on one of their servers (with a back up server in a different city).  This software allows them to pre-define a number of messages that would be useful in the event of emergencies on campus (ie. tornado warning, chemical release, etc.).  The ENS software allows messages to be broadcast to various devices such as SMS text to portable devices, email, computer pop-up messages for any users on the network, etc.  These messages may be audio, video or text.


My question is:  Is it possible to use the API capabilities of the Cisco system to allow messages to be directed to groups of IP phones... is it possible to flash the lights on the telephones... and even trigger an alert tone or other ring tone on the set to attract attention of the user?


Is anyone aware of previous integration of this type with Cisco?