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Migrate CUCM 6.x to 10.x Physical to Virtual Path

Question asked by playne1414 on Jun 17, 2014

Hello all we are running CUCM 6.1.4 and would like to upgrade to 10.0.1 CUCM.


What is the upgrade path from going physical to virtual. I have tried to do a fresh install of CUCM 6.1.4 in a virtual environment then restore from backup on our UCS server but, when I upgrade to 10.0.1 it fails.


I have not been able to find a document detailing the virtual path to follow.


We have a  Cisco UCS CM220 to that we will store our new CUCM server on. Our existing CUCM 6.1.4 server is a MCS server 7825H3 2.3GHz processor and 2Gigs or RAM


I have contacted Cisco Licensing and validated our UCSS contract to upgrade and have the upgrade media and have installed all of my DLU's.


Any advice would help,