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CTIOS SNMP monitoring

Question asked by mar3kslom1nsk1 on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by dlender

UCCE has very interesting mechanism of monitoring basic parameters for CTIOS server. If we look at SNMP OID numbers we can see that the parameters from menu bar can be obtained to external monitoring system (cccaCtiOsActiveClients, cccaCtiOsActiveMonitors, cccaCtiOsCallsInProgress, cccaCtiOsCallsFailed). We can also find the static parameters that are related to system configuration like (cccaCtiOsServerName, cccaCtiOsPeripheralName, cccaCtiOsPeripheralType, cccaCtiOsCgSideAName, cccaCtiOsCgSideBName, cccaCtiOsPeerName).

Usually all the parameters are available but sometimes we observe that only static ones are presented. What can be the cause that the dynamic parameters are not presented in SNMP (all the dynamic parameters return 0 although the menu bar of CTIOS process show those statistics) ?

Can this behavior be related to CTIOS errors like:

15:05:32:466 CTIOS1-ctios Trace: IOCPConnectionMgrThread[4444],Client[02553, 05DEF398]:Pending Writes(8000) Exceeds Limit(8000)Client disconnected by CTIOS Server,Client(2553) at Address(,Total Client pending write operations is (8000) for (197) Client(s) connected,LastWriteResponseTime(0 ms)