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Cisco Finesse server in DevNet sandbox lab

Question asked by em0000002 on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by tonally


As a developer who develops software that has to integrate with Cisco services, I'm very excited about Cisco sandbox labs. I spent quite some time researching material provided by Cisco regarding it. Currently we are developing software that will have to integrate with Unified Contact Center using Cisco Finesse API. I could not find how to get access to sandbox with Cisco Finesse server set up. Just to make sure, I thought I'd post here. If there is a way to get access to Cisco Finesse server for integration testing, please give me some info how to do that? My best guess would be, that we'll have to wait until "Contact Center Express" and "Contact Center Enterprise" DevNet labs will be available. Maybe someone knows if this is correct? Will Cisco Finesse server will be included in those labs? If yes, when Cisco is planning to launch them?


If you know answers to any or all of my questions feel free to post it here