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CUCM 6x/7x vs Siemens HIPATH 4000 Interoperability

Question asked by francisco.lucena on Aug 11, 2009


I have problems with interoperability CUCM 6x/7x versus Siemens Hipath 4000. The calls come from Siemens through the Cisco 2811 Gateway into and out properly through the Cisco 2811 Gatewya to Siemens extension correctly.

This is my topology:


Phone A-->VG224--->CUCM 6/7x----H323/MGCP----->GW2811------PRI E1----->SIEMENS HIPATH 4000-->Phone B


When I make a call from "Phone A" to "Phone B" and this is on busy state I´m receiving an inband PROGRESS message from PBX (Siemens Hipath) to Cisco GW2811 with cause "busy" at this moment "Phone A" cannot activate the "callback" feature because it is receiving a "call proceed" state from Siemens Hipath 4000. However "Phone A" can hear the busy tone from Siemens Hipath but really "Phone A" it´s receiving a "call proceed" signal from Siemens Hipath and cannot activate the callback because VG224 GW only active it on CCBS not for CCNR.


My question is :


Are there any possibility to intercept this PROGRESS message with cause "busy" and transform it on a DISCONNECT message with cause busy to send to my CUCM 6x/7x?


I try to do it on Cisco GW2811 but I cannot make it working fine.


I´m going to attach logs file for understanding better my question.

Thanks in advance,