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Migrate CUCM 8.5 (UCL) to BE6K v10 (CUWL)

Question asked by rmespedido on May 21, 2014
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Hi Everyone,


Would like to seek you assistance and opinions on how to migrate from CUCM 8.5 (UCL) to BE6K v10 (CUWL). Here's the scenario:


We have a customer currently on Cisco UCM v8.5 running on MCS7825 platform. Currently, they have 2,400 DLUs (856 used DLUs and 1544 unused DLUs). I understand that CUCM v8.5 is already UCL-based but still uses DLUs on the backend. We do not have information on purchased UCL licenses since these are from another Cisco partner. This customer would like to migrate to BE6K v10 with CUWL licensing. I understand that you must purchase migration licenses to BE6K v10.


  • Do I need the part number UPG-6K-ENH and BE6K-UWL-CM2BE? Or we can order BE6K-UWL-CM2BE directly and be issued with PAK?
  • How do we migrate their unused DLUs?