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    Error setting up DevNetLab - Cisco VMWare setup error


      I'm trying to set an Entreprise UC 10 dedicated lab, and a few seconds after I receive an email from the devnet sandbox saying that it started the configuration, I receive another one with this error.

      Every time I try, the same error.

      Someone is having this trouble too ?


      This is a DevNetLab error, but I can't send it to Cisco.




      Title: Error setting up DevNetLab

      Topology: Enterprise UC 10.0 Lab

      ReservationID: c69d8695-b3d1-47d9-99e0-13xxxxxxxx

      User: xxxxxx


      Unhandled Error


      Name: Expression Evaluation


      Description: Failed to evaluate expression: The specified index (0) is out of range <Empty Vector>


      Step: CreateResource1