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Error setting up DevNetLab - Cisco VMWare setup error

Question asked by marcio on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by jokearns

I'm trying to set an Entreprise UC 10 dedicated lab, and a few seconds after I receive an email from the devnet sandbox saying that it started the configuration, I receive another one with this error.

Every time I try, the same error.

Someone is having this trouble too ?


This is a DevNetLab error, but I can't send it to Cisco.




Title: Error setting up DevNetLab

Topology: Enterprise UC 10.0 Lab

ReservationID: c69d8695-b3d1-47d9-99e0-13xxxxxxxx

User: xxxxxx


Unhandled Error


Name: Expression Evaluation


Description: Failed to evaluate expression: The specified index (0) is out of range <Empty Vector>


Step: CreateResource1