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Notification Definition vs NorthboundNotificationEvent

Question asked by compterds on May 12, 2014
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There is 2 ways to create a northbound notifications :

- via the "Northbound Notifications" gui : Services > Mobility Services Engines > myMSE > Context Aware Service > Northbound Notifications > Northbound Notification Definition

- via a notification definition : Services > Context Aware Notifications > Notification Definitions > tags ... and Event Definition

In the first case, it is possible to trigger a notification on the "telemetry" item ... but not in the second case ("Telemetry" doesn't appear in the combo box). Unfortunnatly, i would like to use the second way to trigger the "Telemetry" notifications (because i must trigger notifications only for some tags, but not all, and this feature is only available in the second case)


Is it possible to trigger telemetry event via event definitions ?

PS : we use MSE  : 3355 version 7.4


Thanks a lot