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MSE 7.6 WSDL where to find

Question asked by jayrajag on May 9, 2014
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I am trying to find the MSE 7.6 WSDL. Where can I find it. Is there a way to get it from the MSE appliance that we have configured.

We are trying to get the Geo location coordinates(Lat and Long). But am not able to find any sample code snippet(in java) to do this. Is there a way that I can get this.
I tried to search in one of the forums and got the below code.

   AesLocationRequest a = new AesLocationRequest();



  AesClientPresenceInterface acpi = cl.getClientPresenceImpl();

  AesClientStationImpl ac = (AesClientStationImpl)cl.getClientStationImpl();


But unfortunately, the "new AesLocationRequest();" is not compiling and says as cannot instantiated. I have imported "import*;" . Not sure where is this AesLocationRequest class available.

And also the GEO is the LocationFormat interface also does not compile among others.


Let me know how can solve this to get the Geo location using the MSE API using java.