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Service GetStationLocation take too much time to compete

Question asked by ydovgan on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by gcheria

Service GetStationLocation takes too much time to compete.

It takes 5-6 seconds for login, 4 second for logout.

GetStationLocation takes 5-6 seconds.

What is the reason? How to improve performance?


MSE 7.6 is in use.


12:11:41,913 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Login start

12:11:47,534 INFO  [stdout] (http-- <Session xmlns="" xmlns:soap="">

12:11:47,534 INFO  [stdout] (http--   <AesBusinessSession id="2085" mask="-1"/>

12:11:47,535 INFO  [stdout] (http-- </Session>

12:11:47,537 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Login finish

12:11:47,563 INFO  [stdout] (http--

12:11:47,563 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.stub().GetStationLocation start

12:11:52,149 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.stub().GetStationLocation finish

12:11:52,149 INFO  [stdout] (http--

12:11:52,150 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Logout start

12:11:56,912 INFO  [stdout] (http-- <Response xmlns="" xmlns:soap="">

12:11:56,913 INFO  [stdout] (http--   <AesResult result="true"/>

12:11:56,914 INFO  [stdout] (http-- </Response>

12:11:56,914 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Logout finish



12:13:52,664 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Login start

12:13:57,631 INFO  [stdout] (http-- <Session xmlns="" xmlns:soap="">

12:13:57,631 INFO  [stdout] (http--   <AesBusinessSession id="32731" mask="-1"/>

12:13:57,632 INFO  [stdout] (http-- </Session>

12:13:57,632 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Login finish

12:13:57,633 INFO  [stdout] (http--

12:13:57,633 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.stub().GetStationLocation start

12:14:02,176 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.stub().GetStationLocation finish

12:14:02,177 INFO  [stdout] (http--

12:14:02,177 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Logout start

12:14:06,919 INFO  [stdout] (http-- <Response xmlns="" xmlns:soap="">

12:14:06,920 INFO  [stdout] (http--   <AesResult result="true"/>

12:14:06,921 INFO  [stdout] (http-- </Response>

12:14:06,921 INFO  [stdout] (http-- connect.Logout finish