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Custom API's in Standard Finesse Components?

Question asked by adrian_williams on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by dlender

Hi Guys,


     Quick question (I hope).  Is it possible to substitute our own homegrown custom API's for standard Finesse components?  For example, if we wanted to pull in a list of our own wrapup codes or not ready codes, can we do that and if so, how? These components appear to be unreachable (code-wise) and I'm not finding any documentation anywhere on how to do it. 


     So for example....instead of using "http://<server>/finesse/api/WrapUpReasons" we want to point the gadget to our own query. How?


     And no, we don't want to just add codes into the existing stack of codes...we would like to have more power than that to customize what we are doing.


Thanks in advance!