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Change domain for a CUCM cluster

Question asked by Andrew_Che on Apr 23, 2014

Hello guys,


There is a need to change DNS settings as well as domain on a CUCM 8.6 cluster. As far as I understood, changing domain will lead to changing the ceritificate of the server, hence there will be a need to reinstall ITL certificates on phones. What's the easiest way to perform such task?


I was thinking of using the "Prepare Cluster for Rollback to pre 8.0" enerprise parameter, with the next plan of actions:


  1. Turn the "Prepare Cluster for Rollback to pre 8.0" to "True";
  2. Restart the TFTP service;
  3. Restart all the registered phones;
  4. Make changes with DNS and domain settings;
  5. Turn the parameter back to "False";
  6. Restart all the phones;
  7. Profit


Will it work? Does anybody have such expirience? On the other hand, I heard of applications which are able to bulk delete ITL files from the phones, can anyone recommend me one?


Thank you!