Why do I need CUMA to install the CUMC on my blackberry?

Discussion created by rcraig@fsegura.com on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by sen.heng@plannet21.ie

Hello all,


I run CCM 7.0.2, CUPS 7.0.3 and BES


I am trying to install and intergrate of CUPS with my BES server. Seems pretty clear but I don't understand why I need to have CUMA? The actual blackberry CUMC is in a .OAR format which is not compatible with my blackberry. The documentation stats I need to logon to the CUMA server and upload the file then download the .cod and .alx files for my blakcberry devices??? Is it only needed for this conversion ? Or is a CUMA server needed in order to have CUMC support on my blackberry's?


Can anyone shed some more light on this?