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New DevNet Sandbox to be Launched on May 18!

Question asked by cmreed on Apr 10, 2014

You may have noticed that the DevNet Sandbox is currently being remodeled. To accomplish this we have suspended our Dedicated lab offering (yes our engineers need sleep too!), though the Shared Endpoint lab will continue to provide services throughout the migration.


On May 18 we will be launching the remodeled DevNet Sandbox with a new platform and increased technology catalog. The new platform will remove all approval steps enabling developers to access the Sandbox On-Demand or schedule a reservation with no waiting for approval or credentials required. It will also provide a number of in-lab features to make your experience productive. The initial release will include a new look and feel, in lab content, fully automated shared lab user provisioning, on-demand dedicated lab access, user invitation to a lab, a Virtual Machine for app hosting (lab dependent) and exciting new technologies like APIC, CMX, and onePK. Our roadmap is long and exciting and in the short term includes tool access for traffic, in-lab on-demand VM spin up, improved user experience, lab technology version selections, self run compatibility testing, and continued growth in the lab technology catalog including Cisco IOT and DataCenter products!

We want to build this service with you - we want your input! Please use the communities site or contact me directly with your ideas for features, technologies, lab architectures or any other feedback you have to offer. We will also be at DevNet Cisco Live! in San Francisco and would love to show you around.


We are here and we are listening!


Cherie Reed, Product Manager - DevNet Sandbox