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Attendant Console standard v10

Question asked by cukouncukoun on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by nmirashi

Hi all,

I have a customer with CUAC standard with CUCM 9.x and I have couple of issues with this app:


1. Parked calls did not shown on the console if you have your park DN on some partition on the CUCM. It's working for me only when I have park DN on the partition "none".


2.Console can monitor only phones (DND,on hook, off hook,...) which is directly associated with CUAC application user. I don't understand why because app user has "CTI allow control of all devices" permission so it should work also withou associating all devices with this app users. This is really bad because console users will be able to login to the console with any phone when you associate all devices with CUAC app user.


3. Consult transfer sometimes failed with message "There was an error in performing consult transfer call action".


Could you please help me or could you share your experiences with this app.