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receiver.postMessage('Hello Kid!', '*'); window.parent.postMessage("Hello parent", '*');

Question asked by M_skovborg on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by dlender

Hi I'am trying to get the postMessage to work in Finesse, with no luck

I have created a XML doc like this:


<fieldset id="userfieldset" class="outline">



            <div id="message"></div>



         <button id="send">Send Message</button>


          <iframe id="receiver" src="http://myWebserver/finesse/SimpelHTML/receiver.html" width="100%" height="800">

              <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>




And a JS like this:



// A function to handle sending messages.

    function sendMessage(e) {

        // Prevent any default browser behaviour.



        // Send a message with the text 'Hello Kid!' to the receiver window.

        receiver.postMessage('Hello Kid!', 'http://mywebserver/');



    function receiveMessage(e) {

        // Check to make sure that this message came from the correct domain.

        //if (e.origin !== "")



        // Update the div element to display the message.

        messageEle.innerHTML = "Message Received: " +;




It works when I use it outside Finesse, but not in Finesse.


Please advise


Morten Skovborg