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SIP Invite of same call distributed to different destinations in Circular queue algorithm in Route group

Question asked by rasheed_ka on Mar 24, 2014
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                    We have created a route group with 2 sip trunks pointing to 2 Recorder machines.  For those phone for which recording is enabled, the INVITE packets are routed to a route list ->route group .  The route group is having 2 SIP trunks which is selected with Circular algorithm . 


But we noticed that , in a usual Recording call scenario  where there will be 2 SIP Invite (,one for caller and the other for called party) the route group routes first invite to first SIP trunk and the second Invite to second SIP trunk which is against the expected behaviour.  It should give 2 SIP invite to first SIP trunk.  Next call from any recording phone should generate 2 SIP invite to second SIP trunk in the route group . It is strange why this is happening.


If we make call between 2 recording extensions, it is working properly in a Circular manner,  i.e.  First phone generates  2 SIP Invites to first SIP trunk destination, and Second phone generates 2 SIP INvites to second SIP trunk destination.   



I request If any one can explain how this can be resolved to give a proper Circular queue behavior  . Is there any settings in CUCM to give 2 SIP invites(for caller and callee)  to the first SIP trunk , second call with 2 SIP Invites to second SIP trunk .


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Abdul Rasheed