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Need to alter finesse level CSS?

Question asked by adrian_williams on Mar 20, 2014
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Hi Guys,


     So I have another fun one...I have a simple bar (gadget) that is getting its height set by the CSS property(ies) "#finesse-page-gadgets-workspace .gadgets-gadget"  (this is from the finesse/css/container/body.css file).  When I have it open in my browser console, I can see it's setting the height (height: 36px;) and changing that value changes the height of the div. 


     I've tried a number of different methods of changing the height to what I need (46px) including custom CSS (which I don't think works because it's at the gadget level and I think the one in question is at the container level) and gadgets.window.adjustHeight(46)" in my JS file...which also doesn't work.


     Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance,