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Creating 'free' and 'paid' vm's with UCS Director

Question asked by GregoryFRyan on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by rekkrish

I'm just wondering if anyone else is running into the same issues I'm having with USC Director. Basically I have 2 types of vm's a user can check out - 'free' and 'paid'. A paid VM would have to go through an approval workflow, while a free vm would not need to go through approval, however there would be an additional workflow on the free vm that would automatically set the Lifecycle of the vm to 2 weeks (a paid vm can live forever, but a free vm can only last 2 weeks to prevent sprawl).


Here's what I've done so far:

  • I created 2 different VDC's (free and paid), as I want my free vms in a different vlan and limit it to 50 ips as well as have the approval workflow.
  • I created two different catalog items (free and paid) and in the free catalog I execute a post provisioning workflow to set the lifecycle.


They both use the same template, and all is good. However, the problem is if a user clicks on the 'paid' catalog they can then change the VDC to the free vdc which then bypasses the post provisioning worklow so the vm can live forever as well as bypass the approval workflow.


Is anyone else doing anything life this? Am I just completely missing something? If I could just lock the VDC on the catalog then I would be ok - it would be a pain to create the catalogs for each group but I could at least live with it. Right now there is just no way I can roll this functionality to everyone as someone would figure it out quickly to get a free vm forever.