Skinny Vocie gateway

Discussion created by chandra_827 on Jul 30, 2009
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Please let me know how to make the port register with callmanager. this shows     "Unregistered". I have tried to shut and unshut both the dial peer and the voice port. the voice port shows device state - OOS. how to make it IS.  Help is much appreciated.


Port Identifier:  2/22
Device Type:      ALG
Device Id:        -1
Device Name:      AN21D845DB00416
Modem Capability: None
Device State:     OOS
Diagnostic:       Phone Offhook
Directory Number: Not Registered
Dial Peer(s):     9992022
Dialtone after remote onhook feature: not activated
Line State:       UNREGISTERED
Hook State:       ONHOOK
mwi:              DISABLE
vmwi:             OFF
PLAR:             DISABLE
Number of CCBs:   0
Global call info:
    Total CCB count      = 0
    Total call leg count = 0