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UDS API - cannot retrieve a user's devices

Question asked by nick.mueller on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 10, 2014 by chribble



I am trying to use the UDS API with CM10.


I am having trouble retrieving a user's devices.


Let us say that I have an application user ID named "uds_api_user", and a few end users "jon", "brian" and "nick".


I have given the application user ID the "Standard AXL API" permissions.


I can perform a query against "https://{cucm_fqdn}:8443/cucm-uds/users" and retrieve the user ID details of jon, brian and nick.


But if I then attempt a query against "https://{cucm_fqdn}:8443/cucm-uds/user/jon/devices" I get back an 401 unauthorized.


I am using basic authentication and supplying the user name and password of "uds_api_user" in my request.


If I instead attempt to query AS the "jon" user I get all the devices.


Is this expected?  Why can't an authorized app user with appropriate permissions query device information for a user?