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CURRI Connection

Question asked by chikeobi.njaka on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by mstover


Got a curious problem. FIrst let me say that my UCM instance has an error that I can't seem to divine the solution to: Though all services seem to work, I get an error regarding the Cisco Messaging Service being down. I didn't think this to be critical due to the fact that in one of the examples, I noticed that the service was not active. If this is a critical service to CURRI, then... However, I doubt it...


Here is what is happening:

  • Translation Patter Trigger
  • UCM 9.1
  • Translation pattern defines 4 digit dialing to 7 digit DN
  • RTMT shows active connections to the route server. Route server logs show periodic connection attempts from UCM
  • Browser from another node can reach and post to route server

Attached you will find two PNG images from RTMT:

Capture1.png shows the External Call Control performance graphs. Capture2.png shows the Connection-to-PDPServer graphs.


It seems I have connections to the route server from the UCM perspective, but all the calls experience the Failure treatment.


Any ideas?

My ECC timeout is set to 5000.