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migration cucm 6.x and unity to cuwl std

Question asked by garalo382011 on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by ageralde


I would like to know If I could use this code to migrate a customer


They have

  • CCM 6.1.3 with 79xx phones
  • CCM 8 with 79xx phones
  • Unity 5


They would like to migrate to 10.x, but I would like to know if I could migrate using this code - 50$


What is the difference between

  • CUCM 6.x and Unity than only migrate CUCM to CUWL Std  => MIGE-CMAPP-UWL-STD - 50$
  • Migration from CCCM 6.x to CUWL STD   => MIGE-UCM-UWL-STD - 125$


Why is much more cheaper to migrate CUCM + Unity than only CCM6