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Transferred Calls get stuck on grid

Question asked by on Mar 4, 2014
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Hi All,


I got an annoying problem with a CTI OS toolkit customization. I modified the Win32 sample (the standard client) by adding a button which opens a new form where the agent can perform an LDAP query and act transfers (both blind and call_consult) of the current call on one of the results from the query.


The problem is that, in some circumstances I could not identify, after transfer, the call remains stuck on the call appearence grid in cleared status. After that, all the following transfers leave the call stuck on the grid until the agent closes everything. The issue happens intermittently, as I could observe, after a network connection problem. I tried to reproduce the issue by forcing a disconnection with the primary CTIOS server but the issue did not happen.


The session is retrieved via a sessionresolver object just once on the form load (in a first time I instantiated the session on every transfer operation and the problem was exactly the same). Then I get the currentcall from the session and invoke the singlesteptransfer or makeconsultcall and transfer methods on the currentcall object.


I could not reproduce the behaviour on the out of the box, so I suppose the problem should be on my code presumably on the way I use the libraries while getting the session or the current call. I also involved the TAC in an analysis but the couldn't find any issue in the Client-server dialog.


Anyone have any suggestion?


Best regards,