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Finesse Development Guide

Question asked by Ehtasham123 on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by dlender


I am new in Finesse Development. I have quite good experience of CTIOS application development. As for as i think Finesse is the replica of CTIOS application because now cisco is transferring things to Web.


In CTIOS development, we use CIL Library for Java development and we get events from CTI server . We can have detail guide for this.just like…


As for as i know,  we use Finesse.js in finesse which is exactly like the CIL library? please make me correct if i am wrong


and i am not be able to find any kind of document in finesse which told me that, which event i received from the CTI server, what are call objects, what data they passed, who can we extract data from different object , etc..So can any body help me to find out this document or any other idea that how can i find out this.