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UC on UCS ESXi on C220M3 TRC1

Question asked by kfrazer77 on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by jarias

Hi! So I've heard conflicting stories about the ESXi Hypervisor installation on a C220M3 under TRC1 (Flex Flash card vs directly on RAID set). So here goes.... I'm getting ready to do a P2V migration for my entire UC infrastructure. My question is can you use the Flex Flash card as the primary Hypervisor (supporting all the UC VM's) or does it need to be installed on the RAID set directly? The documentation states that the HV partition on the Flex Flash can be used for the ESXi install (I'm familiar with that installation process). What it doesn't say is whether the Flex Flash card can be used as the primary Hypervisor supporting all the UC VM's. I can't find any "best practice" UC on UCS documentation that can give me a definitive answer as too the "preferred" route to take. Thanks for the assistance!