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UCCXCTI and receiving Call Events from a Route Point

Question asked by ThePrimasGroup on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by dlender

Hi Everyone,


I have recently moved from Cisco TSP development to using UCCX-CTI because it provided more information about both Agents and Queues. But i have recently hit a snag where i cannot get any Call Event information on a Route Point? It is as if it were invisible in my call flow, and the call passed straight through to the point after, which is then a Device (such as a CTI Port) seen in my application. However my application will not work unless it can track the call via the ringing/answer events (Delivered/Established) at each step.


The UCCX CTI Protocol Developer guide clearly states that it should be able to see calls associated with a Route Point, CTI Port and an Agent Phone. But i cannot see any call while it is crossing a Route Point due to the lack of these Call Events?


Can anyone help guide me or provide anything towards a possible answer please?


FYI - If this is a configuration issue, i still need help, as I don't have any experience with configuring the CUCM or UCCX.


Many Thanks,