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Cisco Finesse getQueues() returns 404

Question asked by atanasmatev on Feb 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by atanasmatev


I am using the Cisco Finesse APIs to retrieve all the queues an agent belongs to. If I login with an agent and then browse to: http://finesse_ip/finesse/api/User/5001010/Queues, I can see an XML with the details of all agent queues. However the following piece of code returns error 404 (Not Found).


handleUserLoad = function (userevent) {

agentq = user.getQueues( {

           onLoad : _handleQueueLoaded,

           onError : _handleQueueError




    user = new finesse.restservices.User({
id: id,

                onLoad : handleUserLoad,

                onChange : handleUserChange



The getQueues() function falls into the onError branch every time and for every user. Any clues?