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Call variable update on transfer back to IVR

Question asked by arulselvanj on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by dlender

Hi All,


I am updating call variable from agent desktop and transfer back to ICM using following code, It passed to ICM for first time (For first call after agent logged in), Again  if i set variable and transfer to ICM for second new ! ! call variable is not sent to ICM,


Below is the logic  i am using.



value = { CallVariable: { name: "callVariable7", value: "XXXXX"} };


updateCallvariables: function (value, options) {


    var mediaProperties =   {  "callvariables": value       };

        options = options || {};

        options.content = {};

        options.content[this.getRestType()] =


            "mediaProperties": mediaProperties,

            "requestedAction": finesse.restservices.Dialog.Actions.UPDATE_CALL_DATA


        options.method = "PUT";

        this.restRequest(this.getRestUrl(), options);

return this;




        return this;