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Containment Event - not logical to me

Question asked by spongebobsquarepants on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by spongebobsquarepants


I'm having a relatively large installation base of WLCs. By scheduling a Containment event for a given locationHierarchy (INSIDE) I can drastically limit the notification load to my servers by having the same information: A client is INSIDE my location.


Now I want to know, when the client is leaving, so I scheduled a Containment event for OUTSIDE, expecting to get notified, when the client leaves. Surprisingly I was getting Containment notifications OUTSIDE for clients, which have never been inside my locationHierarchy.


An example: INSIDE is scheduled for a location in city A. Outside for the same. Finally I'm getting outside from clients, which are in city B. Right, those clients are outside A, but because they have never been in A I should NOT get containment notifications, IMHO.