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most suitable router for university

Question asked by lucabaldini on Jan 24, 2014

Hi All,

Which is the most suitable router in terms of reliability and continuity for the following specs?


  • the router must be inserted between the LAN and the ADSL2+ modem (so a 100 base is needed for the WAN). LAN side a SG200-26 is installed
  • DHCP server up to 200 clients (the average is 100-120) connected via radio through SB AP541N-E-K9's and other SB AP's over the SG200-26
  • About 40 static clients through wire over the SG200-26
  • IP and URL filtering
  • Basic firewall
  • General asymmetric traffic (web and mail) towards the Internet is needed

We considered 891 and/or 1921
The customer is a university and the network clients are occasional students

Thanks in advance