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Finesse UI Development Woes

Question asked by adrian_williams on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by dlender

Hi....I'm having a wicked time trying to create new finesse gadgets with dynamically generated content...


We have run into numerous UI challenges trying to create new gadgets.  The primary areas have been in our trying to use bootstrap objects and in dynamic content creation and styling control.


For example, we have a gadget that we are generating in which we are dynamically creating a radio group of 14 radio buttons that will allow a user to select a different date over the previous 2 weeks. When the gadget initially loads, the radios are stacked vertically within the div container instead of horizontally.  If you refresh the browser (F5), they lay out as expected horizontally.  We’ve tried several different methods of div style management and creating the dynamic radios and while those methods work in a standalone browser, they won’t in our Finesse browser.


We attempted to convert these radios to a buttonset instead to improve the appearance and to see if that alleviated the problem with the stacking. It didn’t help with the stacking and added a new problem…we cannot remove styles from the buttons…only append new ones.  So for example, to highlight the currently selected button, we have a very simple css class that is being assigned to the button and we are removing the classes from the others….but the remove doesn’t work.  And it’s the same remove that works for the radios.


All of the coding that we have tried is very standard jquery and javascript and yet it seems like we have to have just the very precise combination of options to get UI items to work correctly.  It would be very helpful to have an idea of there is only a particular set of code that will work in this environment. 


   Is this the correct forum for this type of problem and if so, can ANYONE shed any kind of relief on this please??