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Problem with LDAP authentication for one user

Question asked by jmakowski on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by cnuche

Hi all.


We have a CUCM 9.1 cluster set up with IMP v9.1.


We set CUCM up with LDAP to Microsoft AD for user synch and authentication.  Jabber logs in to IMP through CUCM integration and the CUCM LDAP authentication.


We have one user who cannot log in to Jabber.  They get a "Username or Password is incorrect" error.  This user CAN log in to the IMP which is set for Single Sign-On via an Open-AM server.


Open-AM is only used for the web services in the IMP server.  Jabber cannot use SSO yet.


This user also CANNOT log in to the ccmuser page on CUCM.  They get "An LDAP error has occurred".


This user has no problem logging in to their workstation with their AD login and password.  They have no problem logging in to their Unity Connection voicemail user page (ciscopca) with their AD username and password.


This problem only seems to affect them authenticating through CUCM (which IMP uses as well).


For other users there is no problem.  AD accounts work in all UC applications.  It's just this one user.


Their username is long, but not the longest in the company.  No special characters or anything.  Three of us have looked at the End User account in CUCM and the AD account itself.  Absolutely nothing seems amiss with either.


I even removed the End User from "Standard CCM End Users" and "Standard CTI enabled" and then added them back, yet they still cannot log on.


Any suggestions on what to check?



Jim Makowski

Senior Systems Analyst

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.