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Gatekeeper opportunity

Question asked by james_be_81 on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2013 by bkhanal1971

Hi everyone,

I have a customer with one CUCM 7.1.5 cluster with +30 sites with MGCP gateways accross EMEA.

Customer also have +10 standalone sites (CME/CUCM) but this number will soon increase with more CME to be installed soon.

All sites have PSTN breakout (PRI or BRI)

Customer would like to

- enable call routing between CUCM cluster and the standalone sites trough the IP network.

- centralized dial-plan solution

Considering the following :

- No E.164 dial plan configured yet.

- No TEHO should be implemented. External calls should alway breakout localy.

- Customer has gatekeepers gws with licenses ready to be used.

- CAC must be implemented.

- No upgrade of the CUCM is acceptable (means no SAF...)

- No additional hardware or licenses is acceptable. (No CuBE)

=>What's the added value of using gatekeepers instead of configuring those standalone sites as H.323 gateways in CUCM cluster?

Without being a gatekeeper expert, I cannot see any added value or feature I would miss if I centralize all the routing on the main cluster, I could even make use of AAR which would not be the case using gatekeeper.