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How to recover Missing speed dials Assistant Console Lost after DBreplication problems

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2013
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         Hi everyone, 

Does anybody knows where i can recover lost speeddials (contacts) from Assistant Console (IPMA Solution)  in Call Manager Backups or RTMT files?

I have 1 cluster with 2 call managers 7.1.3  (PUB and SUB) , the phones registered to SUB and the IP of PUB configured in Assistant Console settings.

I had a problem with replication of database  between the 2 cucms ,  after i resolved the problem the IPMA solution start to work but some assistants lost part of their contacts in aplication , seems like they return to an old state , they not lost all , but some contacts (maybe the last added) .

My question is that i want to recover , somehow , the lost contacts , even in the "paper" format , in pub or sub.

I know tht i can restore the old database , but maybe the old database was corrupted because of dbreplication problems.

I read already the "Troubleshoot Missing Speed Dials Issue in IPMA   Document ID: 111006" :  

and its useful only to backup the actual contacts , not the missing ones.

Best Regards.