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BE 5000 - Migrate to VM

Question asked by on Jul 29, 2013
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There used to be documentation on Cisco's DocWiki website that covered upgrading/migrating UCMBE 5000 to Virtual.  The documentation referred to using the UCM 1000 user OVA with modified vDisk size to account for Unity Connections.  However, cannot found it now.  Is this no longer supported option? I see a lot of forum posts that says the UCMBE 5000 part number is/was a bundle with hardware, UCM, UC and was not meant to be split up. 


We're currently running UCMBE 5000 on a Cisco MCS-7828-H3, so I know we can at least upgrade to 9.0, although we were hoping of getting off the hardware and virtualizing this year.  We have 370DLUs, which after consulting Cisco Licensing support will migrate to 100 x User Connect Enhanced licenses with Basic Messaging (Voicemail).  We do have activate UCSS/ESW contracts. 


Looking for some guidance on what our options are.  Migrating to BE 6000 is not an option this year as we did not budget for the new hardware.