Unity Connection cluster port group design

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Hi,  I'm looking for clarification on the correct way to design the ports and port groups with Unity CxN 9.1 when SCCP integrated to UCM 9.1.   My peticular design is pretty simple - 2 UCM servers (Pub & Sub) and a Unity CxN cluster all in the same data center.


Here's where the confusion comes in:

The 9.x design guide states that VM ports will register more quickly when a UCM server fails if 2 port groups are created with 1/2 of the ports set to, say, UCM server #1 as primary and UCM server #2 as secondary.  Then the other 1/2 ports listed in reverse order.  No other details or how to set up the hunting on UCM are given (more on that below).


A different chapter of the design guide does give recommendations for balancing the load of calls across servers, but it's pretty sparse with real details


Then in the SCCP integration guide for 9.x (which, BTW, only references up to 8.x) there's no mention of creating multiple port groups.  It only talks about creating one port goup in Unity CxN

But does reference the configuring ports for a cluster chapter here:

However, no mention of multiple port groups, just that you would assign the 1st answering ports to the subscriber server and the remaining to the primary.


So what is the best way to do this type of integration?  Is it better to create the two port groups vs. just one and distributing the ports as documentated?  Is the design guide method obsolete now with 9.x, or is the integration guide need a little updating?


Here's what I *think* should be done based on trying to decode the docs above and finding other blog posts that have similar questions.  In this config example I'm configuring 48VM ports total with 40 for answering and 8 for dial-out/MWI.

On Unity CxN

  1. Create 2 port groups with different SCCP device name prefixes such as CiscoUM1-VI & CiscoUM2-VI
  2. Assign ports 1-20 to Port group #1, on (CxN) subscriber for answering, & ports 21-24 to the subscriber for MWI, dial-out, etc.
  3. Assign ports 25-44 to Port group #2, on (CxN) pub for answering, & ports 45-48 to the pub for MWI, dial-out, etc.


  1. Create 24 ports using Port group #1's name prefix CiscoUM1-VI that will register to the UCxN sub
  2. Create 24 ports using Port group #2's name prefix CiscoUM2-VI that will register to the UCxN pub
  3. Put the 1st 20 ports of each into a line groups that are part of the hunt list, that is referenced by the hunt pilot (leaving out the non-answering ports).  The Line Group would be Top Down distribution algorithm.


Could someone please clarify for me.