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Question: Route redistribution eBGP and EIGRP

Question asked by diegoneme12 on May 16, 2013

Hi All -


I have a lab testing some routing.  I'm  using two routers running eBGP to the carrier,  For redundancy, ea router advertises its local networks along with the networks that are attached to the the other router. I then redistributing eBGP into my EIGRP process on both routers.  My question is:


When I fail the eBGP link, the redistributed eBGP routes are showing up in my route table with an AD of 170 and everything works great.  However, when I bring the eBGP link back up I would expect the BGP routes to take over given that they are a lower AD of 20.  This is not the case.  The EIGRP routes stay in the route table and the only way I can get the eBGP routes back is to clear the routes and let it work itself out.  I was wondering if any one has run into this before and any help would be appreciated.